Control Systems for the Home versus the Office

Control Systems for the Home versus the Office

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Control Systems for the Home versus the Office


 Control Systems for the Home versus the Office


As criminals become more sophisticated, locksmiths and alarm companies have ramped up what they offer to home and business owners. At the highest level are control systems, which are unique to standard door and window locks, as well as security systems.


What Are Control Systems?


Control systems are designed to monitor homes and business as well as prevent break-ins and forced entries. Some systems omit an alarm heard by the home or business owner while others are tied into monitoring centers that receive notification of an attempted break-in. With that type of system, the right authorities are notified on behalf of the home or business owner. In general, control systems fall within three categories:


  1. Monitoring – This type of system communicates with a monitoring center. These systems run through a landline phone, mobile device, or broadband. The primary benefit is that as soon as an attempted break-in occurs or the premises are actually breached, an alarm is sent to the monitoring company. Often, this alarm is silent, which gives law enforcement time to arrive on scene covertly.


  1. Installation – Some systems can be installed as do-it-yourself projects while others must be installed by a highly trained professional. Obviously, the more advanced the system and the more rooms covered, the more likely you will need to hire a professional to handle installation. A trained locksmith will first assess the home or office, followed by making suggestions as to the best types of system to consider.


  1. Automation – This gives you the ability to control different events within the home or office that go beyond standard security, including turning lights on and off, adjusting the thermostat, locking doors, turning on and off small appliances, and more. Today, homes and offices can be controlled from a smartphone, making it easy to arm and disarm security systems and control a variety of other things. With this system, you can remotely watch live video surveillance or review recorded activity.


Choosing the Right Control System


Whether for the home or office, always work with a reputable locksmith and choose the right system according to your needs. For instance, as a homeowner or renter, a wireless system is highly recommended. This type of system is installed quickly, does not go down when the electricity goes out, and can be uninstalled and moved to a different home with ease.


You also want to consider the contract of control systems. Most cover a very specific period of time, so if you move from the home or office prematurely, you could face a stiff penalty. Therefore, when choosing a control system, make sure the contract is transferable.

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