Is Locksmithing a Good Career for Everyone?

Is Locksmithing a Good Career for Everyone?

Posted by on Aug 17, 2015 in locksmith

Is Locksmithing a Good Career for Everyone?


There is no question that locksmithing is an excellent career path. As a certified and/or licensed locksmith, you will have the opportunity to work on a wide range of projects that include unlocking automobile doors in emergencies, installing and repairing new home and business locks, and installing security systems.


In addition, there is always room for advancement, you have job security, and opportunity for good pay exists. Of course, to be successful in a locksmithing career requires the right education, training, and dedication. For that reason, the question as to whether a locksmithing career is good for everyone comes up.

Education and Training


At this time, the locksmithing industry is not regulated by the U.S. government. For that reason, virtually anyone can work as a locksmith, regardless of being competent or not, having an unfavorable background, or being misguided in motive. However, there are a number of professional organizations that offer licensing, which is required in many states.


To become a licensed locksmith requires completing formal education. Once licensed, a professional locksmith is viewed by consumers as being someone of authority and competence. The challenge is that not everyone enjoys or does well with education and training.


If you enjoy the learning process is an organized classroom, do not mind taking tests, and are willing to shadow a master locksmith while learning the ropes, then this could easily be a great career choice. On the other hand, if education and training are things you struggle with or do not do well with, then perhaps a different career option should be considered.

Coordination and Manual Dexterity


Something else to consider is that with a locksmithing career, both hand-eye coordination and manual dexterity are imperative. With this type of career, you are required to deal with small parts and locking mechanisms. While this is no problem for most people, it can be for some.




While many locksmith jobs are not pressing, some are. Especially when working as a master locksmith, you could easily get called out to life-and-death situations that require quick and extremely accurate decisions. Some people have the ability to stay calm during situations of urgency, while others become flustered. When thinking about locksmithing as a career, it would be to your benefit to consider how you handle stressful situations.

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