Keeping Your Home Safe

This year in Miami, it’s projected that more than 17,000 households will fall victim to property crime including vandalism, burglary and robbery.

If YOU are one of the 17,000 victims . . .

  • Call 911 to report the crime.
  • Call Locksmith Miami to get the very best local assistance.

Locksmith Miami is a local security company with mobile units ready to assist you whenever you call – 24 hours a day, every day of the year. You can count on us to answer your call and our dispatcher will send a mobile unit to you right away.

Our locksmiths are trained, certified professionals fully equipped to:

  • Repair or replace broken and damaged locks……….
  • Cut keys if needed.
  • Check your home for other areas of vulnerability.
  • Recommend solutions.

  • Provide you with an estimate up front for all work.

Before YOU are one of the 17,000 victims . . .

Call Locksmith Miami

We work hard to make sure Locksmith Miami provides the very best residential locksmith service in Miami. Because we are a local company, we understand the complex neighborhoods that make up the Miami area and we understand what’s needed to protect your home whether it’s an apartment, condo, townhouse, or free standing house.

When you call Locksmith Miami, our dispatcher will arrange an appointment for a home security review with one of our residential security experts. Our experienced expert walks through your home with you to:

  • Check locks on all entry doors including connecting doors between the garage and your home.
  • Check patio doors and windows.
  • Identify your special needs.
  • Recommend solutions that address your areas of vulnerability and work with your budget.
  • Leave you with a written estimate that includes equipment and our professional installation.

Meet Miguel Ruiz

At Locksmith Miami, all of our residential security experts live and work in the Miami area. We’re proud to have people like Miguel Ruiz serve you.

When Miguel was a teenager, his family home was broken into and ransacked. A sugar canister where his mother kept a small, but important household savings was empty in the middle of the kitchen floor.

Later, as Miguel neared his high school graduation and was casting about to decide what he would do with his life, a guidance counselor directed him to a trade school that offered a comprehensive locksmith course. With the sharp memory of his family’s experience, Miguel promptly enrolled in the course.

Since then, Miguel has become a highly trained and experienced security expert. For him, Residential Security has always been his specialty and today, he is proud to be a key member of the Residential Security team at Locksmith Miami.

Miguel and our other residential experts are particularly trained to identify your special security needs. Often these special needs are overlooked either because you fail to recognize the problem or because you don’t know a solution is available for a problem you recognize.

For example, someone in your household may frequently lose keys. At the very least, you have to replace the lost key and you know you should also replace the locks. A simple solution is a keypad lock that allows you to assign each person a unique code.

What Are You Special Security Needs?

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