Commercial Safes for Every Business Need

Locksmith Miami is a local locksmith and security company offering a full line of safes to secure your most valuable business assets. In addition to our full line of safes, our trained, professional locksmiths are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to provide full support services.

Meet Peter Jorgensen

Just over ten years ago, Peter Jorgensen first went to Miami with friends for spring break. When they went back to Minnesota, his friends returned to school. Pete collected his belongings and returned to Miami. He knew college was not for him.

In a couple of days, he had landed a job as a locksmith trainee. He never looked back. Today, he’s a business safe expert at Locksmith Miami.

“Most business people don’t realize how many different kinds of safes and locking systems are available,” he says. “If a business needs a safe, our goal is to make sure they get the right safe with the right locking mechanism at the best price.”

Getting the Right Safe

Getting the wrong safe can be an expensive mistake. That’s why Locksmith Miami offers a free business assessment. Our experienced experts work with you to:

  • Determine the right kind of safe for your business.
  • Select the right size.
  • Choose the right locking system.


Our complete line of safes includes:

  • Data Safes: If you perform regular back-ups of your files and data, you need safe storage for your information. We offer fire and water resistant data safes in a variety of sizes ranging from small table top units to large storage cabinets.
  • Office Safes: If you deal with confidential client and business information that needs to be both secure and accessible, an office safe is a convenient and easy solution. The safe is also a good place to hold cash and checks until they can be deposited in a bank.
  • Specialty Safes: If you need to secure items such as jewelry or rare coins, a safe with display drawers that can be used in display cabinets during business hours and easily and quickly put back in the safe when the store is closed is a perfect solution. Other safes are particularly designed to store high risk items such as guns or pharmaceuticals that may be particularly targeted by intruders.
  • Deposit Safes: If you engage in frequent cash transactions during the business day, deposit safes provide a quick and easy way for employees to secure cash receipts without opening the safe itself.
  • Standard Safes: If you need safe that several employees can use, a standard safe with a keypad lock allows you to assign a unique code to each employee and with some locks, you can use your computer to track who has opened the safe and when.

Don’t Go It Alone

A business safe is a hard working piece of business equipment entrusted with securing your most valuable assets. With so many choices available, it just makes sense to be sure you get expert help with all of the important decisions that go into selecting the right safe for your business.

That’s why Locksmith Miami is working hard to bring you the best selection of safes and locks at the best prices available.

We’ll also help you select the perfect location for you safe and be sure it’s correctly installed according to manufacturer’s specifications.

And, we’re here for you if you ever need any kind of follow-up service. You can count on us to always answer your call and to respond promptly.

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